H is for Hands

This year, I was with my family on a trip to the mountains. We drove into a little town that was having a fair and took a walk. To my surprise I found a home with these amazing hand sculptures. As soon as I saw them, I started planning my return to photograph them. The crazy thing is that in getting permission I learned the person living there had put the concrete sculpture in, but later abandoned the home. That is all the back story I was able to get. I will let you interpret these pieces on your own. It is more fun that way!


DSC_2264 copy



DSC_2271 copy 2

DSC_2265 copy





DSC_2221 copy

DSC_2227 copy


DSC_2213 copy


DSC_2202 copy

DSC_2199 copy

DSC_2196 copy

DSC_2186 copy

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