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Last year Dean asked that a T-rex be in the next Christmas Card. How can I say no to that? With the help of a friend, I have plenty of references to the original Jurassic Park to make this a very funny card. If you aren’t a Jurassic Park die hard, I’ll point them out…

The front of our card has all the usual things, the crazy scenario, the funny acting from the kids and even the dog, but it has a few subtle JP references too. Note the Barbasol can under the tree. How else would one smuggle dino embryos?

Next we have our wardrobe. Ben and I have a reverse look to the main characters. It just worked that we already had the right stuff to do it that way.

Dean (and yeah, those are his real abs. The kid’s insane) is pulling off one of Malcom’s most iconic scenes and poses.v

Makes me giggle…everytime.

Here is the inside of the card:

And of course the back…a sweet cup of hot cocoa…with ominous ripples. And if you don’t get that reference, it’s time to watch Jurassic Park. 


All in all- this had nothing to do with Christmas, but it was hilarious to make! And it seemed to get everyone’s attention.

I mean, we used a flare (not really) 

And I got to use a whole lot of gifs in my blog so…bonus! lol

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Who makes the Mischief at Christmas?

This one reads more like a comic strip so I have included the card layout and a slideshow for viewing.




Still no Elf on the Shelf in this home. We have enough crazy traditions to keep us busy! Do you have one? Do you love it or are you coating it in peanut butter right now? You can see all our past cards HERE. SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

Merry Christmas!

I didn’t intend to ride the StarWars trend this year, but it happened anyway. If you follow the blog, you know that we did very elaborate costumes from Episode 1 this year for Halloween. You can see them here: StarWars Halloween 2015

I was one week into December and still had zero plans for the Christmas card. That is when my friend’s son Noah showed me that he has last year’s card on the fridge. I looked at the photo of my three kids on the back and panicked. Not only did I not have a plan for the card, but I had been so busy this year that I didn’t take a photo of the kids for the back of the card. The most recent images I had were from Halloween. Between that and my friend’s son talking about how Darth Vader should be on my card, the idea was born.

full border

The next two weeks, I tried to figure out how to make the tree look like it fell over after being sliced with a lightsaber. I came home one day to find my tree on the ground with balls smashed to smithereens. I was a bit heartbroken, but obviously this meant less photoshop. We bought lightsabers and cleared the evening for our annual photo shoot. I spent the rest of the week repairing ornaments. I was able to fix all the ones with sentimental value, and we all agreed that our star was lame and needed replaced.  I added snow to the back images for that Star Wars classic Christmas effect- hehe


So, the Death Star made it into my Christmas card… Not going to win any awards for beauty this year!

I hope that makes your Christmas Merry!

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Christmas Card Traditions Blog

The making of our Christmas card started out a silly, super amateur, low quality joke about our dog. What used to take part of an evening to create now takes days of shooting and editing for me. All year this card is in the back of my head with thoughts like, “What am I going to do this year?, How can I make it better?, and Why did I ever do this to myself?”  However, once it is done, it is one of my favorite projects of the year because I get to create it with the family. My kids are completely aware of the whole process now and are fantastic little actors. It is exciting to explain my vision, know they are going to actually keep it a secret, and watch them pretend in front of the camera.

I am excited to have this blog as an avenue of sharing my card with friends, clients, and those that I hope to meet in the coming year since I unable to mail it everyone! I hope it is a favorite, and that you keep reading for some behind the scenes images!

Click the image to enlarge

2013 Wilhelm Photography Christmas Card

This was the back of our card: These images were inspired by the new Disney movie Frozen which was a big hit with my kids.

2013 Wilhelm Photography Christmas Card back

This is our first year to break away from our theme with the dog (You can see all our past cards here: https://wilhelmphotoblog.com/our-christmas-card-tradition/) This is also one one of the most photoshopped cards I ever created. This year I have decided to show just a peek at some of the “before” images.

I shutter to show you the poor “studio” set-up I arranged in my messy basement for this shot, but this year I shot the initial image after a snowfall and it started to rain while we were getting the base images. All of the final images of our family were shot roughly like this and pieced together. No one was added in one piece. I was very picky about details like blowing hair and clasped hands.

WP Behind the Scenes

Here are close ups and a before and after of the frozen images. I am printing these large and on pearl paper (a metallic reflective finish) for my home this winter!

You can click this image to see all the detail close up.

Wilhelm Photography Frozen Art1

Wilhelm Photography Frozen Art2

Wilhelm Photography Frozen Art3

I love the editing process. Without a camera my skills as an artist fall flat. This is the closest I come to painting and creating my visions.  These were very intricate processes with tons of layering in various blending modes. Every snowflake is a separate layer. Textures, and actions were tweaked for hours. But since I knew that ice is essentially still water, I decided the best place to start was in the bathtub which is where these were taken.

Wilhelm Photography Art

My family is blessed with so many friends and loved ones! My WP clients are AMAZING! I look forward to another year with all of you!  Can’t wait to meet my new clients of 2014 and to see all the changes this year has in store!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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