Since this is the time of year when it seems like it has been winter FOREVER, I thought I’d share something silly to make the snow less miserable.

If I could pick a talent for myself, I would like to sculpt from giant blocks of marble and stone like the classical artists.  I’d settle for being exceptional at wielding clay. In museums, I can sit in the Greek and Roman sculpture wings for hours just staring and trying not to touch. I’d be happy if my house looked like the below photo, but for this it will need a lot of fixings, but for now I’m just trying to add some cleaning with a termite extermination service from Seriously, just stick my dining room table in the center and done. But, alas, with practice I am still at an intermediate level with Play Doh. I am not ready to break out the bag of concrete I bought and create something permanent to adorn the yard. But until then, I have been practicing in a much less permanent way. With snow!



Last year, I was just playing with my kids, who like most kids, loved the new Frozen movie. I made them this Olaf snowman and joked about being Elsa.

DSC_3248 DSC_3243


I built him at the end of our driveway and was surprised to see people pull over and take photos. When he melted, my son asked me to make another “snowman” with him. To impress my four year old, I made him a sea serpent and even colored him green.1960828_684408854915689_1565636049_o

We really didn’t have any good snowfalls after that in 2014 until this past December.  Our first Christmas snow was used to make this nativity:DSC_2531


My Facebook friends really seemed to enjoy the snow sculptures and I started looking forward to the snow. A friend posted on FB that it was Squirrel Appreciation Week so…



Next, I went off the deep end and made “The Thinker” which was clearly out of my skill range, but still funny.



At this point, I was just getting a kick out of friend and neighbor reactions. It is nice to have an excuse to play outside. We all thought it was comical watching cars slow down as they drove by and seeing folks snap photos.

When I made “Aslan” the lion, people actually started pulling over to talk to me. Several people told me they look forward to their winter commutes now, that when it snows they can’t wait to see  what will be there next, and that it makes their winter less depressing. Well, I was crazy enough to do this without encouragement so you can just imagine the fuel that provides. It is too kind. I am not amazing at this. Just google snow sculpture and mine look like toddlers made them! haha

1270577_858108907545682_2398604689759869986_oRegardless, of whether these are “art worthy” or not. My family is having a fun time in the snow. I am glad if it is fun for the people driving by in all this winter mess too. This dragon was so wet when I was making him I gave up early. He needs arms.DSC_5234I am hopeful spring is on the way and that this was my last one for the year. But if it snows and I can mold it…I probably will. If you stopped to say hi, honked when you went by, or shared photos of my snow sculptures with your friends… Thanks. I even got a Thank You card from someone I don’t know addressed to “Sculpture Artist.”  Made my day! Seriously, this feeds the crazy in me. I want it to be 80 degrees and sunny, but everyone makes the winter so enjoyable for me that it is a little easier to wait!



Thanks for checking out my silly snowmen. I posted these because people wanted to have the photos all in one place to share. I’ll update this blog when I make new ones!  And if you like these- check out what I actually do well…photography!


Since posting this, I was interviewed by the Daily Item, our local newspaper and made this Walrus for the story. I appreciate all the kind attention!



Easter Island Head

DSC_2818 copy


Lady Liberty

(I was told this one was on the Channel 16 news- haha)

Mount Rushmore

King Cobra