I am sharing my family’s 2014 costumed photos. Every year, my kids and I dress up for our town Halloween Parade. We enter as a group and theme our costumes. The kids picked this year’s theme, and it was our best yet! Please note: These photos are FAR from technically perfect. We decided to do “magical” images  last minute, and I did not shoot them with this kind of editing in mind. Please enjoy our version of Disney’s Peter Pan.



My kids might be a bit too into their parts- haha

Of course, being that Captain Hook is played by their mother…(that is me :P) I guess we know where they get it from.



Halloween Wilhelm Photography Style

My costume is made up from thrift store finds and some creative craft additions. By creative, I mean: duct tape, felt, hot glue, staples, craft foam, and some stitches that some might consider sewing, but probably not.


Wendy Darling’s dress is made by a fantastic woman who designs all kinds of lovely kids and woman’s fashions. I have her tagged on my Facebook page if you are interested in purchasing from her. Her prices are very affordable. She made this for me custom.


Halloween Wilhelm Photography Style

Halloween Wilhelm Photography Style

Can’t forget Tinketbell!  My middle child loved playing the jealous little sprite.

DSC_0745 copy


DSC_0750 copy

Halloween Wilhelm Photography Style

We had a blast this year. We also won first place in the parade for “Best Story Book Characters!” My kids are super fun! They care more about our family putting on a good show as a group in the parade than being the current favorite character. Trust me, they like princesses and super heros as much as the next kid. I think it is cool they pick a theme to include all of us as a unit. (except my husband who prefers to take the parade photos- lol)

Here is a quick “Behind the Scenes” outtake from our Halloween fun!

Halloween Wilhelm Photography Style

Check back on Halloween for our current year’s costumes!