The Intervalometer

When Ben ordered this device, I was skeptical.  I already have a wireless remote for my shutter and a timer.  Wouldn’t this be completely useless and redundant?  Turns out it comes in handy for quite a few different things.

 Here is what it does.

This baby plugs into your camera and controls how often, how long, and how many shots are taken.  So, for instance, I can set my meter to shoot every 5 seconds at 1/60 of a second for 50 shots, and walk away.  When I return, 50 images will be waiting on my camera card.

This was the perfect gadget for our self-portrait session.  Sure, I could put the camera on a tripod and fire the shutter with a wireless remote (yep, it’s just like a TV remote- point and push.) But then that requires me to discreetly hold the remote or photoshop it out of the photo.  That is too messy.  My other option is to set a self-timer, run back to my seat, fix my hair, tug at my clothes, and smile naturally. Yeah. Right.

Instead, we put the intervalometer on and set it to take a picture every 5 seconds for 20 shots.  As a bonus, we were able to set the first exposure to a timer so that I had some time to get in place before the sequence began.  This allowed us to have fun and let the camera capture our actual expressions rather than quick, fake smiles.  You can be sure I will be using this for our family portraits and Christmas card!

Ben hopes to use this for time lapse photography- the intervalometer’s most popular use.  Time lapse photography can be a beautiful art in itself.  Used to freeze motion as it occurs, the effect is breath taking if done right.  Many people use it to track star or cloud movements.  If you want to see some incredible videos created with time-lapsed still photos check out the links below.  They are gorgeous.  Take a few minutes to enjoy them.